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Regarding Use of Train Information Service “Doko-train” (Including disclaimer) East Japan Railway Company (“the Company”) operates the “Doko-train” website https://doko-train.jp (“the Site”) in accordance with the articles stated below. Please use the Site with awareness to these articles.

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  7. Articles of Disclamation

  8. “Doko-Train” is a free train information service (“the service”) provided by the company. However, the user is advised to exercise discretion in the application of all information provided and all liability is the responsibility of the user. Especially, please be aware of the following:

    (1) The Service is to provide train information, the purpose of which is to provide extra convenience to persons using our trains. However, there may occur differences in actual train service with that displayed on the Site, due to the nature of train service.

    (2)Information on train position, travel or waiting time, and arrival / departure schedules displayed on the Site are projected based on data provided at intervals and discrepancies may occur.

    (3) We pay due attention to the information posted to this Service. However, we cannot be responsible for any loss suffered due to content, flaws, temporary suspension of service, changes, termination, etc., of the information provided on the Site.

    (4) The Service may be subject to interruption or changes in content without prior notice.

    (5) The address of the Site, including the top page, may change without prior notice.

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  10. The Service will be provided from 4:00AM until 2:00AM the following day. This may be subject to change due to inspections or other adjustments.

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  19. Validity

    These articles are effective as of 4:00AM, March 22, 2014 (Japan time).